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Universal M1 Carbine Manual. Huey Rider , Feb 17, Feb 17, 7. Feb 17, 8. Here's one in use Here's a picture of my gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife Vanessa shooting our Universal carbine today. Today is the very first time she ever fired a gun, and I had her shoot a. Then I offered her the. She's a little bitty thing but gorgeous and stylish, and a grandmother so the carbine was a good size for her.

How do ya like her pink hat and pink flowered blouse? Feb 19, 9.

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Feb 19, Sounds like the same type I have. I need to rock-n-roll with a 30 rounder to see how it cooperates. Huey Rider , Feb 19, TheJoker , Feb 19, Best way to solve your mystery is to take the stock set off and check whether it has a single spring system or a double spring.

Winchester M1 Carbine 1944

Single spring is first gen I'm guessing your's is a first gen. I had a second gen and it worked well until I played with the sear Feb 24, Thanks to everyone I'm sure now that its a first gen. Mar 12, The bad one you know, the one with the dual springs, aluminum trigger guard, lever release at the back of the receiver, and on, etc. I had fired over a rounds of quality and cheap ammo through it before a Korean War vet informed me around I had a piece of crap. He laughed at my dual springs and showed me his real M 1 Carbine and it's "rods" and other different parts.

I have continued to fire the rifle over the years and it is my defense gun for my home amongst others. It has never failed to feed or jammed.

The Korean War vet even gave me a pile of cast reloads and it fired everyone without a hitch. Not until doing some reading here lately did I realize I had such a potentially dangerous gun.

Terms of Sale

I had stocked up some expensive expanding rounds that NYPD used to make regular one shot kills with. I will still trust it. I might not use it as a primary now as I have other assault rifle and pistol and I will not let my daughter shoot it again-she loved it and was world class with it. I learned early it would take only 15 shot magazines and that South Korean mags were the ones to use. Sit them home firmly till you hear a click.


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They are just so light and short and will kill with the expanding bullets without a problem. She's been good to me and had to point it at some criminals at times, one time my wife screaming for me to shoot an escaping home invader.

But he was about out of my yard by then and legalities would have been iffy. Slasher , Mar 12, The "W" and the proof mark is clear to see on the barrel. The type one barrel band is the correct style for this gun. Some of the parts in the trigger guard are for the second production run of Winchesters as well as the operating rod. This is a really nice looking Winchester That is very semi collectable and quite worthy of being fully restored to the correct time frame for this carbine.

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I have to switch over to what is called a voice carry over phone. With me reading what you are saying to me saves me a lot of confusion for me mishearing words. I do want to talk to you and answer your questions without mistakes or miscommunications. This system works pretty good, so please be willing to be patient with my hearing loss. My wife Marcia has fine hearing on the phone and is quite knowledgeable about firearms and is very able to help you over the phone.

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