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The belt tensioner is a piece of threaded rod, a hook on a tube and the adjustable black handle.

The rope was then removed and measured from mark to mark giving the length of belt needed. The rear sprocket on the bike has 52 teeth and the front one has From there the pulley which is a 6 inch gives a reduction of 2. The final rpm at the mill is This is a comfortable workload for most anybody and delivers 1 cup of wheat flour a minute. Jun 21, at 9: Post 4 of A long while ago someone suggested that litz wire sounded better than solid-core, and everyone agreed.


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Hi-end manufacturers later decided silver wire and teflon insulation also sounded better. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon, and in all the audio rags you'd find the catch-words PTFE and silver littered all over the place. All sorts of exotic wire configurations were touted to best all the others. The wire war continues, but now that the dust has settled somewhat -at least in the DIY world- it now it seems solid core is smoother and better sounding than stranded wire. Teflon sounds edgy, and unnatural with clangy highs.

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Silver is also bright, and thin sounding. Have we finally decided what wires sound best? Is there even such a thing as a "best" wire? I dunno, but I bought my share of high-priced wires in the past; I still have a set of Silver Streaks and some AQ Lapis x 3 cables gathering dust in a the back room. I've got all sorts of fancy hook-up wire in my mountain of parts but I'm not sure I want to use them anymore.

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In the end it all might come down to where you use a given set of wires. I love the sound of my Sony's and wondered what kind of cable was used in them.

It turned out to use, what I guess is now a sonically inferior, litz type cable. I know that mod didn't work out well at all. I later replaced the wiring with some copper wire non-teflon insulation and got most of the old magic back.

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In the end, I think you're going to have to try out various wires and see what you like for yourself. I'm also itching to try cardas litz wire but am dithering because I don't own a solder pot. Then again, I'm also considering just making my own PCBs and getting rid of all wires in the signal path all together. Graham, to answer one part of your question, it think any type of metal plated wire sounds unnatural.

I think correct me if I'm wrong silver coated copper is now unanimously including myself agreed upon to sound awful.

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I tried a gold plated solid copper wire but found that to sound very cold as well. Really, when will the madness end?

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Jun 22, at 2: Post 5 of Post 6 of Post 7 of Jun 22, at 3: Post 8 of Post 9 of I use guage solid wire usually, and stranded stuff when flexibility is required. Jun 22, at 4: Post 10 of Right now I am planning on the 24 awg solid copper from CAT5e wire from which I make my interconnects, which I like because it is spec'd at It is also dirt cheap! Given what I have heard here, that would seem to be just as good as anything. Any reason that might not be decent?