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I want to go home and sleep alone. Ok go home then. I had to be up for 3am, wait from about She writes me at the morning that do I need her help to get to the airport? Her ideal is probably some rapper, skateboarder fashion maniac who hangs out with her all day listening music. I never had a girlfriend but now I got a look into what it would be like to have one. Thanks for the great read. In the end it was way better to rent one than date one. Nice adventure, besides dealing with a spoiled brat.. Most Russian and Slavic women in general are much hotter than the disgusting fat tattooed slobs from the west.

Western culture has seeped eastward thanks to a connected world.

Some are not as bad but in the end…. Thanks for the story. This was definitely back in my bluepill days. How else do you explain it? Another moral of the story: At least, if a man makes a lot of mess, he is doing something constructive, and putting stuff and tools to their places afterwards. For hitting the wall hard or not: First off, the cellphone social media generation — I am not really familiar how to deal with.

Just like a crack pipe. A person is being reduced to a lowest common denominator. But all this knowledge is really theoretical. Intercultural sexual interactions in general are always very tough to establish, because unless you are a millionaire or some celebrity — the exotic card rarely works.

What they are really attracted to — is familiarity, predictability, someone easy to read. The only time a foreign card works — if she was a complete slut and so bored of the same-old dick that she was specifically looking for some foreign meat. Older generation of slavic women — if they have moral values and strong family ties and not sluts — they could be a life time partner and form real family bonds with men.

And even then sometimes they had to stick around if options were extremely limited. Women would have their hen circles filled with mindless blabber, and men would have their own — fishing, garages, drinking circles. But somehow someway sometimes things worked out because there would be a sense that your spouse was on the same par as your siblings as far as family ties go. And as long as family would be put first and considered as a team — things could work out.

But this really depended on upbringing. Current generation of women is mostly garbage brought up by reality TV, advertizing and given crack pipe in a form of an iPhone and unlimited options until they hit the wall. And complete inability to form bonds after they hit the wall. Do you want to know what that Russian girlfriend and her friends think of you? They probably think that you are a creep for even traveling to Russia expecting her to even sleep with you sooner or later.


She did whatever she could just to milk as much as she could from you and then she probably told all her friends how much of a creep you are for what you did when you just wanted to visit her as an excuse just as a way to visit a country that you would of not of normally even went to, like you pointed out. Now tell me, if guys go to foreign countries just to visit their supposedly online soulmates that they thought they had, almost all of them would most likely call you a creep for even doing that because of the reason I stated earlier in this post. Now if you are just going to go through with this trauma of being called a creep after you have been used like that and you never had that happy ending that you wanted of at least respect in the end, is it even worth it to go to a foreign country to visit your supposed soul mate at all?

The Story of Dating Russian Women

Rusky has this one right. I would never have held in for nearly that long. Besides, if there are fish on the Pacific Coast, why travel to the Atlantic Coast for fish- there are plenty where you are now. If you meet women as you travel, fine. I just got out of three months of dating a Russian single mother in the US and here is my feedback:. I finallly got tired of it after I nailed her times and the breakup was a breeze I just stopped spending money and she eventually left — no drama.

My two cents is: I think the blue pill pushovers will get taken left and right by these women and not know what hit them. I got some, then got out while the getting was good. When I met her and found out she was from Kazakhstan my first reaction was to quote Borat, a comedy about a Kazakhstani. That was the end of the date for me. He died for your children. If you wanted to taste some russian pussy you could have used that money on hookers. I think that you wanted to test a russian woman in her homeland, but you did what women want from providers, she used you to have some fun, going around with a man she feels safer that way is good for them, but what do you get in exchange?

I see your point, I think that I would like to meet women around the world, but I would not really spend money on them, bringing them around etc. I know how you feel bro. Mgtow was a fluke. I would have been far from bitches. E have the power not to suffer W.

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E have the power to be happy. WE go our own way not to bash women, not de-face society, not to protest — But in a divine fashion a truly unique way. A way of life for justice and peace. WE have evolved and seen past the prescribed lie.

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Keto , 34, Egypt, Sharm-ash-Shayh. Gregor , 49, Germany.

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